Dreamsdwell Stories
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Connect the dots to earn...as even in magical medieval towns, it takes money to make money!

  Play Dreamsdwell Stories Games! Dreamsdwell Stories Games is a very fun game!
How To Play:
Click Play to start the first minigame and earn money. Click on orbs of the same color to create chains, double-clicking the last to end the chain and collect your coins. Break all of the gold mountings on the orbs by including them in chains. Break all mountings before time runs out. You get more points (and later, gems) for creating longer chains. You also get a bonus for finishing quickly. Weaken and break barriers by creating chains next to them. Use can use multicolored orbs to bridge between chains of different colors. Between games, use the money you've earned to build your town. In the Build screen, bronze coins appear when you do not have enough resources to build, silver when you can build a new area, and gold when you can upgrade an existing area. The more you build, the more you'll earn!
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